I am a massive fan of ‘The Secret’. It was written in 2005 by Rhonda Byrne and is based on the wisdom of the law of attraction. This is not a new universal law, but a law that has been worked with, since the dawn of time. It is the best book I ever read. It went on to become the New York Times bestseller in that year, and as of August of 2020, has sold 35m copies worldwide!

As it is true that everyone reads things differently, sometimes it’s hard to sum up in simple words, what ‘the secret’ is. Simply put, your thoughts can become things and you can create a world of your dreams, if you just think positively. Wow, that sounds scarily crazy, after all, how can you control your thoughts?

However, good thoughts out-weigh the bad.

I recall a life where my thoughts were not that positive. I used to think that I was prone to falling over and headaches. Both were delivered to me on a daily/weekly basis. In 2014 I changed my thoughts, having read The Secret and now I don’t fall over and I don’t get headaches.

In the words of the song “I’ve got the key, I’ve got the Secret…..”.  Without doubt a life-changing moment for me and, I think, a very useful tool for anyone out there who is struggling in such turbulent times.

With love

Tracey B