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Money that’s what I want

Do you know where your money goes? No, me neither although I am getting better.


For many years I was told I wasn’t good with money and my teachers told me that I could not do maths. Well, guess what?   I believed them.


Ironic as it seems now, but in 2002 to 2012 I ran a business with my ex and guess what? I had to understand discounts and percentages and ‘do deals’ with customers. I loved it. Not only that, I handled, for the most part, accounts receivables and payables!  You see I have a kind of geeky side to me and even though it may take time, I get there eventually.


So why on why, do I still carry the title of “not good with money” around my shoulders. I try not to. What I say now “I used to be bad with money.”


The truth is, I am okay with money, but I love to spend. That’s the truth.


So just recently, probably like a lot of people, I am going to take my finances into my own hand. I say like many, with rising prices everywhere, there is never a better time to get a grip on your expenditure and cut back where you can.


Therefore, I am helping some clients do just this, get a grip. What I find, is the most common factor is a lack of knowing where the money goes and there an insistence that money is not spent frivolously. I know, for a fact, that I don’t consider myself frivolous but neither do I really check prices and simply buy what I need. That is not always the best way to shop, so I am encouraging my customers to choose different locations as, indeed, I am too.


Not only that, I question each purchase now as I have discovered my two nemesis’s!  Health food shops and coffees!  I seem to drink coffee like it’s going out of fashion and can purchase up to two coffees a day, combine that with a little health food shop soiree and next thing you know, hundreds of pounds have been wasted.


I have created a spreadsheet with budgets on what I should be spending and this month I am keeping a careful track to see, where I am going wrong. In truth, I owe money an apology (which I have written) as I used to say, “who needs money anyway?” In truth, we all do, and there is nothing wrong with asking your inner book-keeper to rear their head and help you out.


If you want to declutter every element of your life, looking at your finances is one of the many areas that may need a bit of decluttering.