In 2013 I saw a photo of myself, and I recoiled in horror. I had never realized how much weight I had put on.

That photo changed my life forever.  At the age of 48 I was the largest I had ever been, and I did not feel right.  I struggled to walk quickly, was constantly out of breath, felt ‘ill’ and lethargic and like the proverbial hamster on the wheel, was forever on a diet. That was when I wasn’t eating lots of sugar and drinking alcohol in larger amounts than was good for my health. Diets always started on a Monday and ended by a Tuesday.  My weight needed to be decluttered, it was holding me back and making me ill.

In 2013 I started working out with a Personal trainer. It was to be the best thing I would ever do for myself, and I never looked back.

Karl worked me hard, told me to stop talking and get exercising. He never took my whinges of “I can’t do this” seriously and would just laugh and ignore me. What he did, was believe in me whilst acting like a kind of therapist at the same time.  He truly was a rock to lean against at a turbulent time in my life and started to help me believe in myself.  Six months into the programme I ran my first 5K. As a child, I was told I would never run, never run, it tasted even sweeter to stagger over that finishing line, even if I were the last to do so!

So, what are my top tips for losing weight?

  • Stop talking about ‘being on a diet’; diets do not work
  • Do not shop for food when you are hungry
  • Find yourself a fat picture and use that to inspire you (I did and it worked a treat)
  • Eat healthy and clean and exercise, even if it’s half an hour a day – ideally make it more than that. But moving is key
  • If you can afford it, work out with a really good PT, it’s the best investment in you, you will ever make
  • Decide on what weight you would like to be and focus on it. If you are a size 18, be a size 18, don’t try to be a size 12 (unless you want to be). Be realistic about your goals, if you are an 18 and love it, own it.
  • Wear clothes that are cool and funky and fit you properly.
  • Create a wardrobe you love, full of clothes that fit you and that make you feel fabulous!

Most of all, accept yourself as you are.  If you want to shed some pounds, that is fine, but most of all never, ever say, “I am constantly on a diet”. Instead, try saying “I am the perfect weight for me, and I love the weight I am”.  Taking the pressure off of yourself will be a massive step in the right direction to being the size and shape you want.

With love