Have you noticed how much grey is around? It’s become a national identity. One that I think we will regret in years to come. It will become like the avocado bathrooms we all loathed in the 70’s (or at least we did, our parents loved them!)

In truth, life is colourful. Life is vibrant and amazing. Why do your surroundings not reflect that? Do you truly want to fade to grey?

In my search into who I am, I have come to realise that I embrace colour and vibrancy in every area of my life and that is what keeps me going on. I find happiness in vibrancy and joyful colours that lift the spirits. Colour literally lights up my life.

In truth, we need to be ourselves and not be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Everything can be decluttered in your life and that includes bringing colour in your new future.


With Love