Never let age define youI was lucky to meet Jane during my aesthetics industry career. Her husband was particularly charming I seem to recall, and his clinic were one of my favourite customers.

The minute I met Jane, and it was only once, I felt an instant connection. Not only did she look amazing, she had something really quite lovely about her. We became friends on Facebook a few years later, but you know when you know, don’t you?

When I had my shop, Jane revealed her incredible skills at making exquisite jewellery and all sorts of goodies including cards. So I sold some of her product in my shop.  Her brooches were my favourite – made from old coins, they look best on a sleeve and boy, do they look great.

So with that all said, Jane has shared a very personal article about nearly reaching 60 and how it feels, click here to read her fabulous take on age – Jane article.

I love her honesty and authenticity. As you can see from her photos, she’s a kick-ass 60 year old!

You can view Jane’s wonderful designs of jewellery and art on her Facebook page ‘J.P. Designs’, click here

Go Jane!

With love,

Tracey B x
Lifestyle Consultant