I just spent the most productive and fun morning with a client who could not wait for me to tackle her wardrobe. I told her not to be nervous and I would be gentle with her. And I was.

First of all, we emptied all of my client’s wardrobe,


and then went through each item as follows – first off, I said to her that I would create three piles, one to stay, one to go to charity and one we can sell through (or I will sell through for her).

What I did suggest that she looks carefully at each item and asks herself “if I was in a shop right now and had money to burn would I buy this item”? If it’s a no, it goes.

Very swiftly items were piling up left right and centre and before we knew it her wardrobe was looking much more ‘neat’ and most important she could see what she had as opposed to not being able to find anything based on the fact it was squished in so tightly.

I re-arranged everything by colour and put Chucky knits in the cupboards as opposed to the drawers where there was no room. We rolled up clothing and we started to move some of the more Winter items into a bag which will go into the attic whilst we transition to the Spring/Summer wardrobe.

I walked away with three backs – all to charity – with one extra bag of items which I will try to sell or simply drop off at the dress exchange. I even checked which charity was preferred for the items.

I bought cakes, we had a lovely chat, put the world to rights and I said I would revert back when items are sold.

All in all a fun day.

My fees? £145.00 for as many hours as it takes, items taken away in my car and delivered to charity shops or dress exchanges or put onto the internet for sale (as I deem fit).

Clear your mind
Streamline your life (no more trapped fingers in clothes)
No more rooting around on the floor trying to find that dress you could have sworn you bought
Re-discover items you thought you had lost forever
Bring added value to your wardrobe
And if you are really lucky you have room for more new clothes – yah!