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New Year, New opportuntities

New Year, New OpportunitiesHappy New year to each and everyone of you!

It’s true to say that 2019 is all about a new start, in fact, every year is, isn’t it? But this is another year of learning and great opportunities for me.

Firstly, my social media posts are going to be different this year. I will, of course, share some great quotes and articles with you as normal but I’m going to start creating my own quotes. They may not be as ‘slick’ as quotes by Louise Hay or Eckhart Tolle, but they come from real life experience and my new take on life, with much of my learning based on me diving my nose in psychology and personal development books. I will do one blog a month reflecting on the previous month and my experiences. I’m also going to write an article per week about what I do and how I can help others. On that note, should you know anyone who feels overwhelmed with the amount of stuff there have at home or in their office and who could do with some decluttering, restyling or organisation, please let me know. That’s a few of my services I can offer!

Do you know how many books I have on my bedside table right now? Six! One of them is fiction but all the others are psychology. However, I’m nearly at the end.  I’ve done so much learning over the years that I’m a bit learned out and after a while some of the books give the same message (which is good) but there is a consistent theme and once you’ve got it you can move on.

I’ve had a ‘different’ start to the year in truth. My health took a bit of a knocking when I came down with a kind of ‘flu’ twice before Christmas, or at least it was close to a flu,  and then a heavy cold and cough on Boxing Day. You would not believe this, but I then zoned out until Sunday 30th December and thought “It’s okay, I’m off to Tenerife soon”. On the Wednesday while on holiday I walked 40 miles on the island and suddenly felt a bit ‘icky’. It turned out I caught gastroenteritis which kept mebed boundd for two days. At least I didn’t have to worry about all the Christmas weight I put on! You see, there’s always ‘light at the end of the tunnel‘. 🙂

I’ve just come back from my second Landmark Forum in London which is all about the global WE. I have longed believed we are all connected and everything you say and do has an effect on you. It was therefore great to be in a room of about 170 people and for all of us to make a connection one way or the other. We even sat in the room in complete silence for one whole hour and you were only connecting with people with your eyes. Eeek, I’m more of an introvert so this was scary but wonderful at the same time as I did connect with some people.

What I have come to realise, particularly on this course, was how scared I was to stand up and speak. That said, I did manage to jump into a large circle and contribute by saying what I stand for!  It’s all about identifying your ‘act’, the one that dictates every decision in your life from a child up to adulthood. Once you know your ‘Act’, you can park it comfortably and still get on with your life knowing that your ‘Act’ needs to keep quiet. For instance, do you have a voice that says “I’m not good enough?”, that voice will run your life so it’s good to know that a) It’s there and b) How you can make the decision as to how you want to run your life?.

One of my favourite events this month is going to Butlins this weekend. I love it, and every year Bognor Regis have a weekend event on, the so-called ‘Ibiza Legends’. I’ve attended for four years in a row now and may well go until I’m in my 70s as someone said to me the other day. They could be right, ha ha! So, this event is the real DJs from the original ‘rave’ culture alive and kicking in the circus tent in Bognor Regis! Here just a few names of the DJs – Seb Fontaine, Judge Jules, Roger Sanchez, Todd Terry and Brandon Block. It was awesome! The weekend is ‘high energy’ with some party-goers starting at Friday midday and not stopping until the early hours of Monday morning.

Sadly, all this illness and personal development work has had a drastic effect on my workout regime. However, I’m back on track now and determined to work even harder this year. I did my first gym class today since I had to stop it four weeks ago. Boy it was tough, I admit it, but there was also a great atmosphere and we had a great laugh. That’s what you need from a gym!

I’ve been working in my client’s clinic sorting out her filing system along with some data entry work which I love doing. In my role I am happy to help anyone with a business with that side of things and I make a mean receptionist too!

I’m about to start doing Chi Gong, I’ve been already a couple of times, but that was last year.  On my vision board for this year Chi Gong features heavily. I’m told it’s perfect for me and it’s really a form of slow movement with meditation. I think we all need to focus on the now, I know I need to, so I’m looking forward to going from here on in.

On Friday I had another reiki session with Sarah Ilsley, my friend. She is great at what she does and it certainly releases any pent-up fears and worries. You sometimes have a damn good cry too and that’s fine, better out than in. You know that crying has been proven to help you ‘heal’ and in fact people who cry are more able to deal with life than those who suppress everything.

Last Friday saw me have my fourth session of reflexology. I love it, it’s a great calming treatment and given my adrenals are high it’s important that I have treatments that will bring them down and restore calm. I’ll also be having a session of ‘Rolfing’ which is a deep tissue massage to relieve the pains and lack of flexibility in my legs and hopefully make yoga and the gym less painful for me. I need more flexibility in my life and this treatment should help a lot. It’s specifically designed to help ‘unfreeze’ muscles affected by trauma or emotional upset.

I think I need a more chilled February and intend to get calm back into my life with lots of long walks, meditation and yoga (once I get my muscles deeply massaged) and a few nights out.

I wish you all a fabulous rest of January and an even better February!

I look forward to sharing more stories of my life with you. If there’s anything of particular interest, please drop me a message to have a further chat.

With love,

Tracey B x
Lifestyle Consultant