How do you feel when you read this headline? Do you believe it to be true or false?  Do you believe that you truly Believe in Yourself?

After all, as human beings, we are used to relying on others, especially parents and spouses. I admit that I relied on buying things and other people to make me happy.

I was co-dependent and it was a painful way to live.

I could not bear the thought of being on my own and would shudder in horror as I read of one divorce or another.  I would even get upset thinking of not having my parents in my life. Wondering how I would survive without them. I even had a nightmare, once, that my husband and I were splitting up, I woke up feeling retched, hearing him downstairs, brought me comfort. Little was I to know that, that nightmare, was to become my reality.

It was only when I split from my husband in 2016, that I came to realize how I had looked to him for support when the only person I needed to turn to was me. I had allowed others to take the driving seat, never trusting my own judgement; if you treat someone like a child, they stay as a child.

In 2016, I was like a frightened child, unable to make a decision about anything, no longer even part-way brave, I was truly like a rabbit in headlights, trying to remember how it is/was to make your own decisions and be responsible for your actions. I had allowed myself to be managed and manipulated, which seemed like the easier option but in truth, it was to kick me in the teeth years later, when I found myself on my own.

In the last five years I have worked hard to become a responsible human being, to answer to myself and to look to myself for answers and solutions.  I came to realize that I was more confident in a partnership, less so on my own.  It’s been hard to find the bravery inside and stand on my own two feet but if I can do it, anyone can do it.

By decluttering the negative thinking that I was plagued with, I have grown in confidence and have come to realise that just like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, I had the knowledge all along, I just had to believe in myself.

Do you have the power within to Believe in Yourself? It’s one of the lynchpins to a decluttered life as once you find the confidence within, you can make all the right decisions, even those you have put off.

With Love