Help! I need to organise my home office and I have no idea where to start.


Working from home is now the new ‘black’ therefore, it is important to have a home office that is calm, organised and is a pleasant place to work from.


When you look around your home space, what do you see?  I know so many people who say I need to organise home office.


As an ex-PA, having learned to touch type on a manual typewriter, I am a fan of sticking to basics. For ease, I have broken down the categories to create an organised home office.



Office Furniture & Stationery


First off, there is nothing wrong with having a stackable filing tray.  Action tray, pending tray and plain paper. Pending is an old-fashioned term, but we used it all the time back in the day. It means something in transition, waiting for a response. I think it’s a great way to organise, quite easily, the projects you are working on.


Folders can look nice, especially if you choose folders that are part of your colour-scheme. However, be careful of buying folders and then finding that you need more and more in order to file your paperwork. They can become clutter if you are not careful.


If you truly want to organise home office there is no better way than splashing out on a trendy filing cabinet. It’s a great way to file your papers and to label everything in an orderly fashion, meaning you can find what you are looking for easily. They come in a variety of colours these days and can really be part of the aesthetic of your home office. Of course, if you are able, try and keep as much of your paper down to a minimum level. Nowadays, it’s all about scanning paperwork and keeping it on your computer.


Documents on computer – If you keep a lot of your documents on your computer that is great.  But you need to ensure that all your folders are labelled correctly to reflect the contents. If you have a mixture of personal files and business files, then it’s important to create separate folders, clearly labelled.  Make sure you keep the files up to date, for instance, if you have new insurance documents, then delete the old documents. Keeping on top of your paperwork, whether it’s physical or on your computer, is key to an organised home office.


Paperwork – If you find yourself with too much paperwork, most of it, no longer required, then a shredder is a must have. That way, you can get rid of any confidential data, easily and quickly and keep on top of it daily.


Stationery Cupboard – A simple stationery cupboard can hold all your stationery but be mindful to not create clutter by over-buying stationery. Choose a style of pen you like and stick to it; choose a notepad you like and stick to it. Be discerning and have only the stationery you need. With all the choice we have these days, it’s tempting to overdo it, but you could end up overwhelmed with an explosion in the stationery cupboard.


Yellow Stickies – I love a yellow stickie, but they can be over-used in an office and cause chaos and clutter. Use a pad instead and put everything down on the pad, just one place, which you can use to cross refer and avoid any lost information. Yellow stickies are great for a quick reminder note but that is all.


Your Worktop – Your table should be, ideally, clear of clutter. That way, you have space to think and to work. I like a glass topped table; it gives you an illusion of space. I also like a plant, but you could try a picture of a loved one too.


Lighting – Make sure your space offers the correct amount of light. Lamps come in all shapes and sizes these days and you can choose a lamp which suits the style of your office.


Your Chair – Comfort is everything. Make sure you choose a chair not just based on style, but on how comfortable it is and how much it supports your back. A large black chair can look overwhelming if you do not have the room to house it. Choose a chair that is both ergonomically brilliant but stylish at the same time.





How your home office looks is important. We all need light, space, calm, creative elements to bring out the best in us. Your desk should ideally be free of clutter, so you can think more clearly, and display calming elements. Try adding a plant or a picture of a loved one. I am fan of coasters and have chosen mine carefully along with the mug I use.


I am a fan of having a good view. Even if I don’t have the ability to see out of my window, putting a beautiful image on your wall in front of you is a great way to inspire. Nowadays anything can be wrapped, and a wall wrapped with your favourite nature scene, or an inspirational view is a great way to enhance and organise home office.



With Love