How on earth can I organise my home office?  I am sure you have asked yourself this a hundred times, especially over the last few years when working from home has become the ‘norm’.  For many it has become a case of necessity but how do you get it right?


Firstly, I believe your home office must be calm and inviting, giving you the space and the ambiance to be productive without any distractions.


I have a home office but it’s not a room, it’s a zone in my apartment that shouts out what it is. A home office.  So how have I achieved this?


In truth, it didn’t start out so well. I was working on my lap, sometimes in front of the TV, sometimes whilst stirring the stir-fry and even when sitting at the dining table.  It did not do anything for my mental state, and it certainly did not do anything for productivity, quite the opposite, I could not focus.


That is why I knew I had to come up with something that was going to change the way I was working and thinking, for the better.  I must organise my home office.


Firstly, I made sure that the ‘zone’ clearly said office. That way I find myself setting my intentions for the day.


Next, I completely cleared my desk, leaving it bare apart from my laptop (an essential) and a copper-coloured stackable filing tray.  Immediately it looked calmer, more inviting.  Now I had to decide what to do with the debris.  The extra bits we all have on our desks that often are just sat there unused.


I concluded that less is more, so I now have just a pen and paper on my desk, anything else has been put into my utility room.


I use the filing tray for my work, keeping it neat and tidy and my desk uncluttered.


But there is one blast from the past that I cannot be without, and that is my good old-fashioned filing cabinet.


I have tried all manner of filing systems over the years, box folders, ring binders, in a variety of colours but every time I find the filing cabinet works best.  Everything can be labelled and put in alphabetical order and it’s a neat unit that can now be sourced in a variety of colours so can enhance your room too.


If you google Organise Home Office Pinterest is very good at coming up with ideas but I suggest the key principles


  • Keep it simple – Less is more – the clearer the desk the clearer the mind
  • Add plants and some colour, use a coffee cup that inspires you or makes you laugh
  • I suggest putting some lovely art in front of you if you don’t have the best of views
  • Get yourself a filing cabinet in a funky colour
  • Paint the walls a calming colour that inspires and helps you focus
  • Get yourself a filing tray – a 3 layer one is best, that way you can have separate sections for your work


With Love






Elizabeth McPherson

07932 945738