The start of a new year is the best time to mean as you go on.  I am going to talk about clothing, how to clear your wardrobe, easily, and how to never make any buying mistakes again.

  1. Get your colours & style done, once you know what really suits you, you will find decluttering a lot easier. Who knew you never suited black and your bodycon dresses are not your style after all?
  2. Remove every single item and put like with like – who knew how many pairs of black trousers you had?! Remove all shoes and handbags too – this is a big re-fit!
  3. Dust the rail
  4. From each pile pick out the items that you a) Love b) make you feel amazing c) you just bought d) are never going to part with even when you are 80!
  5. Put like with like, skirts with skirts, dresses with dresses and put into colour order. Do this with every category, so your wardrobe is starting to re-form albeit a stripped back version.
  6. Now we are getting to the sticking points. Pick up each item and be brutally honest – you need to ask yourself these questions. Does it suit me? Do I like it? Have I worn it? Does it go with anything? If I had the money, would I buy it now? Does the colour make me glow?  Does it fit me?
  7. Ah now we have got to the real sticking point. Does it fit you? If you have items that don’t fit you but that you ‘might’ be able to get into ‘one day’ then you need to be honest about whether, in truth, you are going to every wear them? I have a couple of items that I have in my wardrobe that I very much doubt I will fit into. However, I do like them as a guide towards where I want to be weight-wise.  I will never be a size 10 again but for some reason I cannot let them go. I get it, I truly do!
  8. Put the items that are leaving the building into piles. Piles to donate and piles to sell. I suggest you make it a 50/50 split. Ensure that the items you are selling are worth a decent amount as hours spent on E-Bay for £5 is really not worth your time!
  9. Make a note of item staples that you are missing and go on a shopping trip.
  10. Check over your new, streamlined wardrobe and smile. Dressing has just become a whole lot easier!

With Love