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Why speak your truth?

Have you ever said something and then felt foolish? Maybe the people around you have rolled their eyes or not given your views and thoughts the credence you were expecting?   I think we have all had that and maybe that experience has left us feeling silly, undervalued and not listened to.    It’s called “Not […]

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Gratitude’s for a Happy life

Have you have you heard about Gratitude’s? They are the new ‘best thing since sliced bread’ to help you create a happy life.   Wow!  That’s a bit of a claim isn’t it? But in truth, it’s I have never written a truer statement.   Many years I was introduced to the book @thesecret and […]

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Reiki & Me

Have any of you had Reiki? I am a big fan, but I really think it’s a case of finding someone you really resonate with and who offers you the ‘right’ kind of Reiki.   What I mean by that, is someone with whom you have a connection and can support you through what, can […]

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