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Never let age define you

I was lucky to meet Jane during my aesthetics industry career. Her husband was particularly charming I seem to recall, and his clinic were one of my favourite customers. The minute I met Jane, and it was only once, I felt an instant connection. Not only did she look amazing, she had something really quite […]

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Introducing Jane Dean PR

I first met Jane when she visited my shop in Highcliffe, Dorset, with her two beautiful daughters. I loved them visiting as they were always full of joy, love and laughter, just lovely people. As time moved on I got to know Jane much better and consider her a friend. We would discuss Highcliffe and […]

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Keep calm & carry on

We all get overwhelmed from time to time. For some of us, the stress is harder to handle. We’re not all ‘cool cats’ who allow stress to wash off us! For some people it can be harder. I think the majority of us are stressing these days, hence the UK’s mental health crisis! I recently […]

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Decluttering. Letting go. Everyone is talking about it. Over the years I have moved home many times and, as anyone, you gather stuff, don’t you? Next thing you know, you need a bigger house to ‘house’ your stuff and it goes on. But suddenly you feel overwhelmed. I’m delighted to be featured in the March […]

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