Only too often people ask me what I do and sometimes I struggle to answer. Normally, you would respond with say “I’m a secretary, or I work in insurance, PR, etc.”. However, when people ask me what I do, I find it hard to put it into words. I usually say “Oh, I do a bit of this and that” but just recently I have been able to quite clearly say that I work in a Podiatric clinic (foot specialists to you and me) as a receptionist and I love it.

I have come to know that I do love to be around people and I like greeting people on arrival at the clinic and making them feel welcome. I have just written a blog about ‘not being lonely’ and I stick to my guns on that one but it’s nice to have a routine and work in a team. However, this blog isn’t about being lonely or self-employed, it’s about feet. Yes, you heard me right, feet!  You see, we don’t really think about our feet a lot, do we? Okay, during the summer we might look down and think “right, it’s time for a pedicure” but prior to that it’s thick tights and boots and our feet are hidden away. Well, I’m about to open your eyes to the world of feet and how important our feet are to us.

Firstly, and here’s an observation I made with an elderly lady who came to the clinic yesterday; she was around 80 years old. I asked her why people didn’t care for their feet as they do for their teeth, hair or general health? After all, the majority of people brush their teeth, floss their gums and go for regular dental check-ups. Women certainly love to look after their hair, beauty and facial aesthetics, don’t they?  You only have to look at the British high street to see how many services there are on offer with nail, beauty and hair salons sky-rocketing. So why on earth don’t we younger generation look after our feet and check that everything is okay with our nails and if it wasn’t, why don’t we start going to a podiatrist on a regular basis? The majority of the clinic’s patients are aged 70+ so there is certainly a lack of the younger generation visiting.

I had just completed a climb up Mount Snowdon (as you do) and the climbing had been arduous. My toes were in agony and as I looked down trying to peek underneath the nail varnish I was shocked…”was that a bruise I could see?”

The amazing podiatrist Helen at Highcliffe Chiropody Clinic really knows her stuff as she’s been a podiatrist for over 20+ years and has seen a few thousand feet during her time. Chiropodists at her level train for over three years and have a degree in Podiatry.

In my case, it was revealed that I had damaged both my big toenails by wearing walking boots which were too tight for me. My nails had been damaged by constantly banging the nail bed on the upper part of the shoe :(. No wonder they were both black and bruised! During my consultation with Helen, we discussed my ‘dodgy’ knees. I told Helen my history of knee pain and that I thought I might need knee replacements in the future. Helen explained to me that the majority of knee issues were caused by the way we walk and that, in fact, my knees were ‘difficult’ down to my gait which, in turn, affected my ankles and then my knees. That would also explain how I broke my ankle last year, my poor gait had weakened the strength in my knees so ‘dog or no dog’, I still come a cropper on Barton cliff top.

I now wear Vionics to try and correct my posture and I hope that over I can correct my weakened knees. After all, I still have some serious dancing left in me and love a good boogie! 🙂

An appointment with the clinic isn’t as costly as you might think – £28 for your first ‘full appointment’ where your feet are assessed and all hard skin is thoroughly removed from your feet. A sort of sanding blade is used on the soles – trust me, it feels fabulous and isn’t at all painful! Then a generous dollop of foot cream is put on and you’ll leave like you’re dancing on feathers, of course, significantly lighter from the amount of dead skin that has been removed. 😉

Now I hope my blog is thought-provoking enough to picture yourself dancing like a feather and feeling wonderfully light after your chiropody treatment but I also throw in some top 10 facts about your feet which you may not know;

1) An average person takes between 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day – equal to four trips around the world in a lifetime!

2) There are 26 bones in each foot – one less than in each hand. The bones in our feet only totally harden when we’re around 21 years old.

3) Humans have worn shoes for about 40,000 years! The oldest preserved shoe is 5,500 years old and was found in an Armenian cave, buried in sheep dung.

4) Toe to thumb transplants are a common procedure these days – the grasping toe helped our predecessors climb trees and, when young, grip onto their mothers. Thanks to science, if you lose your thumb, you can replace it with your toe.

5) Feet are one of the most ticklish parts of the body, oh as you didn’t know that anyway! That’s because we have nearly 8,000 nerves in our feet.

6) Our feet are growing and as we grow in weight so are our feet. Since the 1970’s, according to the College of Podiatry in the UK, the average foot has increased two sizes!

7) Many glamorous women all over the world have larger than average feet, among them Jacqueline Kennedy, Oprah Winfrey, Uma Thurman and Audrey Hepburn with sizes 10, 11, 11 and 10.5 respectively.

8) Women have four times more feet problems than men, often attributed to wearing heels.

9) The average person walks about 100,000 miles in a lifetime – no wonder we suffer from lower back pain, indigestion and spine misalignment – all associated to feet problems.

10) Finally, let’s blow the myth out of the window! Men and women, foot size has zero to do with penis size!! There have been over 17 studies around the world which show that there’s nothing to suggest that penis size is linked to height, body mass or shoe size. Got that? You can stop flaunting your size 13s now. 😉

If by now I haven’t convinced you to go and visit a Chiropody Clinic to have your feet checked over then I’ll give up! For my part, walking and dancing make my feet a priority.

I know, admit it…you’re still thinking about the penis size aren’t you?! 😀

With love and a giggle,

Tracey B x
Lifestyle Consultant