Setting yourself a challenge, something that you know you will struggle to stick to, is a great way to focus the mind.

With Summer on its way, for me, it’s all about the wardrobe declutter and to see what fits and doesn’t. That does not mean I am chucking anything out, far from it. As a declutterer, I do have a decluttered wardrobe. However, I have a golden rule, if I have clothing that does not fit me, that means I have put on weight. In 2019 I agreed that I was a size 12 – no smaller and no larger. That means all my clothes are a 12. If something doesn’t fit me now, I need to lose weight.

My challenge? Not only to lose the weight but lose it in a healthy way with great food and lots of exercise.

I have therefore set myself the challenge (starting on Monday) to follow the 5-2 diet rigidly and to commit to one HIIT workout and one walk a day until the end of May. My biggest challenge will be getting up at 6am every day to the do the HIIT class. As someone who finds mornings ‘a challenge’ the getting up early thing pushes me to my limit, but I am determined to do it.

After all, I have a lot of dancing to do in the Summer and a lot of sequins to be worn. I need to be fighting fit to keep my energy levels up.

What challenges are you setting yourself this year?


With love