No make-upI’m a big fan of Jess Glynne. She is one cool chic and the most amazing role model for young girls.

Her latest song Thursday about not wearing makeup on Thursdays is simply stunning. The lyrics really resonate with me and I love her singing about ‘just being enough’ which also resonates with many women. It would seem that instead of becoming stronger and loving ourselves more, we appear to love ourselves less.

Hair and eyelash extensions, aesthetics, nails, etc., it’s all about how we look and not who we are. Makeup nowadays actually confuses me. I’ve had make-up training and demonstrated how to apply makeup in Selfridges so I’d say I ‘know’ a good deal on how to apply makeup, however, nowadays with all the array of products on the market – strobing sticks, contouring colours and goodness knows what else – I have to admit I’m flummoxed.

What happened to women being strong and confident and saying to men “Love me the way I am and not how I look”?! Let’s face it, I guess the reason we put makeup on, in particular in younger years, is to look good and attract the opposite sex. So how come we appear to be feeling less secure nowadays? Is it because of all the perfect models and celebrities we see on Instagramm? Aren’t we supposed to be empowered women now and not worry about what others think?

You only have to see the plethora of products one can buy that offer words of support such as “You are enough” to heartwarming questions of comfort like “You’re okay hun?” which I just saw on a handbag the other day. It shows that we are living in an increasingly insecure world where we simply cannot accept who we are and need to put on a persona, one that we cannot continue forever. After all, how long can you keep this stuff up for? I do admit though, at a young age I hated my looks and would put a lot of makeup on to feel more confident.

As for myself, I’m starting to flag with the whole ‘putting on a face thing’. Prior to 2014 I’d lost my way big-time and wore no makeup, alongside leggings and baggy jumpers to hide my size 16 figure. Then I got a grip, lost weight and went partying. I became the person again which I’ve always been. I love dressing up to go out and I really ‘go for it’ on the make-up stakes. The MAC Costmetics counter at Beales in Bournemouth is my best friend, but even I know that the images I put out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are only a fraction of who I am as a person and the photos are just ‘for fun’ and history. When I’m 80+ years old and I’ll be sitting in a care home I shall scroll through my Instagram and recall my days of makeup, house music and Ibiza clubbing! I’m hoping I will be surrounded with similar women and men, and we can have a ‘Rave’ in the care home and compare our tattoos! 🙂

As you know, I go regularly to the gym and have no problem wearing no makeup, and frankly looking a bit pale! On Saturday I went to the gym’s Christmas party and dressed up, full face, hair and lashes and one of the girls stared at me (we worked out together a few weeks previously) as she didn’t recognise me. When I said “Hi, it’s me” she said “Wow, you look great”. She looked a little frazzled as if I looked like a completely different person. Well yes, that’s the issue, isn’t it? You do look very different with makeup on. Have you ever seen Katy Perry, Stacey Solomon and many others without makeup? They look so utterly different and hardly recognisable as how they appear on TV.

I think there should be a national campaign where every woman in Britain goes to work or college with a bare face and shows their true beauty. Let’s call for NoMakeupThursdays!

In truth, I’ve long believed inner beauty is what it is – inner beauty. You can be made up to the 9’s or have had facial aesthetics done, but the true you shows through oblivious of how you look.
I don’t want to say here makeup, aesthetics and hair or eyelash extensions are a bad thing, not at all, but always remember your inner sparkle and who you truly are. In plain and simple English, makeup or no makeup, YOU ARE ENOUGH!
With love,
Tracey B x
Lifestyle Consultant