My declutter journey started as a small child. I would tidy and sort my bedroom and it gave me great joy and kept me calm.

As an adult, I have had to declutter on a major scale, not only leaving a relationship in which I was unhappy but make major moves to strive towards where I wanted to be.

I can never say that each step has been joyous or indeed enjoyable. In some cases, the emotional trauma of letting go has been almost unbearable; however, the means has contributed to the ends. A very happy ‘me’.  I had to use meditation and walking to keep me sane.

The thing is, I have come to realise that most of the stuff I had, and by this, I mean the physical clutter, was truly not required. My ‘guilty pleasure’ was clothes. I had that many at one time, most with labels intact, that I could not determine what was nice and indeed, I found myself trying to find myself ‘trying to find things I could have sworn I had bought.’ Yes, it really was that bad.

Over the years I have decluttered my clothing to a manageable, stylish wardrobe. I have nothing horrid, nasty or tatty. Having had my colours done, the clothes suit me and I find dressing so very easy, as I simply reach into my wardrobe and dress in minutes!   Neither do I have any ‘I might one day’s’ in the wardrobe. It’s a now or never type of wardrobe where everything is wearable, and I love every single item.

Even in my current home, a two bedroomed apartment, I have literally stripped back everything to basics, that includes towels, bedding, kitchenware, glasses. You name it.

When I left my larger property, I had to be ruthless. Of course, I could have put everything into a storage facility. That would have meant increased cost, a chance of items getting mouldy or my simply forgetting what I had. If that would have been the case, why would I be paying to store items I no longer required or had simply forgotten about?

In truth, a few years on, I cannot recall, with clarity, what I had and what I miss.  Maybe the odd ‘dress’ and maybe a couple of pictures of pre-Raphaelite art when I was going through my ‘woe is me, let’s look at prints of girls with red-hair, warrior style.’  It was all about empowering myself through my art. Thing is, I don’t need it now, everything is stripped right back.

I do miss my ‘Disco’ glitterball but I will get myself another for my next home, which will have a garden too, so I can grow vegetables and get a dog and a pig!  You see, I have always had my sights on the future, only temporarily straying into the past. Looking ahead, has kept me moving forward. The past only invokes sadness, I like to call it ‘wistfulness’ as you ponder over the ‘what if’s.’ There is really no point ‘what iffing’ unless you can learn from your past mistakes.

The thing is, unless you have the mental capacity to handle a lot of ‘stuff’ as well as the physical space, then it’s always best to have less, rather than more. It is truly liberating!

With love



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