Do you remember the days when we bought things for ‘best’? Yes, I do too. Your wardrobe would be full of wedding outfits, smart shoes and handbags – hardly ever worn. Your kitchen would be full of best china and there would be mementoes and memorabilia never touched, simply put away for special occasions.


How crazy is that when you think about it? Today is your best day and this moment is the moment of your life. Saving things for best is like saying things aren’t great right now, but when they are better, I will bring them out/wear them!


I saw a sign in a pub many years ago, it was so great “Remember the good old days?” “These ARE the good old days.”


It made me laugh, how true. These are the good days. Every day is a good day (if you choose it to be). Every day is a chance to start again and to make those changes you want to make in your life. We tend to look towards the future whilst still having a foot in the past.  It really is all about the now, this moment, this second, this minute, this day.  It is the only thing that is guaranteed, a sure thing.


In our wish to find the happiness we seek, we tend to wish for the time better than what we have now, but in truth, even if things are pretty rubbish right now, you still have a chance to turn things around. You still have time to change your negative thoughts, into positive.


Keeping things for best is such a waste of space.  Use and love everything you have. If you keep things tucked away and never use them, you will feel more upset when the time comes to let go. Something worn and used is such a blessing and helps you let go with ease, recalling the precious memories.


I had a dress a few years ago, I kept it in my wardrobe, for best. I would look at it from time to time but that ‘best’ occasion never came. It was never quite right for this, that and the other. Finally, I sold it.  It was so liberating, now I had space for something new and a bit of money in my bank account.


It’s all about living in the now and if you fancy using Grandma’s china that was left to you, then do it!  Use it until it falls apart, it’s what it’s made for.


With Love