Many of us have what Buddhists call “monkey chatter” brain – we simply do not switch off talking to ourselves – sometimes in a negative way.


Did you know that we have up to 60,000 thoughts a day?  Imagine them all in one place! Manic, frantic and chattering away – chuck in around 20,000 of those as negative thoughts about ourselves and ….


STOP IT RIGHT NOW. One of the best ways to stop the chatter is to learn to meditate. Ten minutes of meditation a day can bring you into a centered place and keep your mind calm. A calm mind is a happy mind and a happy mind is a great mind to help others including yourself.


There is a lovely meet up group who do heart led meditation – hand on heart and smiling all the way – it is so beautiful to connect in this way. Work with what suits you. Me personally, I listen to Eckhart Tolle who guides me and his funny way of speaking and chuckles are meditation for me in their own right.  Find what suits you – not one thing suits all. Just like the proverbial suit of clothes!

With love

Tracey B x