Like so many out there, I have often used shopping as a great way to cheer me up. The thing is, though, I realized that more often than not, the thrill of the shop, was never worth the shame of yet another purchase shoved to the back of the wardrobe.


In times of high anxiety, it would be easy for me to fall back into my old ways. Not by physically shopping this time, but by going crazy online.


I have to admit, I have bought over the last year, mainly supporting local shops that have an online presence like @Sugarmango in Southbourne and @mintleafboutique in Bournemouth.


That all said, I would never encourage anyone to spend more than they could ever afford or to use shopping as a ‘fix all.’ I know there is a joke saying out there that shopping is better and cheaper than therapy, but frankly speaking, excessive shopping can get you into a lot of bother if it’s not kept in check.


For me, my shopping addiction, goes back to my childhood where it cheered me up, and created ‘perfect’.  I used to love buying something new, it looked smart and fresh, but once worn, I would be bored with it. Time for something new.


If any of this resonates with you, I have a genius solution to the shopping situation that you ‘might’ buy into (literally).


Whenever I feel the need for a shop, I don’t ‘stop’ myself. I go to my favourite online site – I am a fan, as I say, of the two locals above, but there are plenty of others which also float my boat. I pour myself a glass of wine, and start shopping, I put everything into my basket or I save all the items in my favourites list.  I ‘buy’ anything and everything I want, without checking the price, I just pick up to ‘try on’ just as I would in a store. Tops, trousers, sweaters, trainers, you name it, it all goes in.


Once I am replete, this is where the hard work comes in.


Then I start methodically, one by one, looking at each item. The look of it, the design and I ask myself some questions:


Can I afford it?

Do I love it?

Will I wear it?

Where will I wear it?

Do I have room for it?

Will it suit me?

Is it right for my body shape?

And even the mother’s favourite – will it wash well?


If it’s a no to any of those questions, out the basket it goes.


Then I am left with hopefully at least a quarter of what I had before or maybe just 2 or 3 key pieces.  Then it’s really time to ramp it up. I might stare at the items for a long time questioning myself over and over.  If it’s a resounding Yes and it’s screaming Buy me, Buy me, I will commit. After all, I can return it, if it doesn’t suit.


This is helping me get through a difficult year without overspending (or not too much anyway) a girl still has to have fun even in a lockdown and disco dancing around my apartment does require the odd new outfit!


Plus, when we get Green Light, I will have some dazzling outfits to wear courtesy of my local boutiques.


With love

Tracey B