How many times have you heard the word ‘Universe’ either mentioned by friends or more likely on TV? Even ‘Holby City’ actors mention the word most weeks and I seem to recall an interview with one of those amazing British Rap artists mentioning the ‘Universe ‘ and how it delivered what they wanted it to. In those moments, I bet you thought either “What on earth are they on about”? or you spent the next few hours trying to figure out and google what they were talking about?

So, what is it all about and do you need to know about it? How can it change your life for the better? Well in short, yes, you do need to know about it and even if you don’t buy into all of it, some of it has to resonate because the theory behind ‘The Secret’ is as solid as a rock. Firstly, the ‘Law of Attraction‘ which is mentioned in the book ‘The Secret’ is not new and has been around for centuries.

The Book ‘The Secret’ was written by Rhonda Byrne, an Australian author, about 10 years ago, however, it’s based on ancient wisdom going back centuries. Furthermore, Rhonda is a very clever lady, she educated herself about the science behind the ‘Law of Attraction’ and decided to create a book sort of piecing it all together in a very easily-read book which is ‘The Secret’.

The book’s blurb reads as follows –

This centuries-old Secret has been understood by some of the most prominent people in history: Plato, Galileo, Beethoven, Edison, Carnegie, Einstein –  along with other inventors, theologians, scientists, and great thinkers. “As you learn The Secret, you will come to know how you can have, be, or do anything you want. You will come to know who you really are. You will come to know the true magnificence that awaits you in life.”

Sounds too good to be true right? Well no, it really is a life changing book if you are in the right mind to read it and receive it in the way it is intended.

My story with this book is a funny one. Firstly, I was introduced to this book many years ago by someone I did not particularly like, so when she gave it to me I felt insulted. I was okay as I was, wasn’t I? How dare she buy me a ‘self-help’ book! As I flicked through the pages all I could see were the words ‘wealth’ and ‘riches’, little knowing that those words did not know what I thought they meant. I did not need to find out how to be rich; I was never driven by money. So I put it to one side, then I hid it away and eventually, I gave it away to a charity shop. I did not need this self-help ‘stuff’.

However, seven years ago I was given a series of books by a friend and at that time I was ready. I wanted to find a better life for myself. You see, I had already started not reading the weather forecasts. I’d work on the basis that every day would be sunny unless the clouds and rain told me otherwise. I had generally always believed, even in times of sadness, that things would ‘turn out okay’ and something would turn up – and it did. However, as you age, that child-like tendency we all have to see life through rose-tinted glasses starts to fade and although I considered myself a positive person despite a few hiccups in my life, in truth, I was struggling. I was fearful and anxious and often would ‘assume’ the worst would happen and frankly speaking, often it would! Therefore, when my friend Jan gave me the book ‘The Power‘ (also by Rhonda Byrne) I devoured and loved it. I then quickly read ‘The Secret’. Both books smacked between the eyes. Of course, I could see what I had been doing wrong!

The theory of the book is that we are made up of energy and we like magnets attracting into our lives everything that we want or indeed, don’t want. The key mantra is that your thoughts become things. What you think about, you bring about. Now, many people do not realise this but their very thoughts and the way they talk about things is affecting their lives. It’s horrible to read, isn’t it? Let’s chuck out a few examples here.

How many times have you had someone say to you “I’ve always been fat and will never be skinny” or “I never lose weight”. Well, I am sorry to say but yes, they’re right, they’re literally saying what they want is to be overweight all their life and they are saying “I’m fat” and that’s exactly what they’re getting thrown back from the Universe. How many times have friends said to you “I always attract the bad guys, it’s not fair”, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong”? Again, what they’re doing wrong is putting out the wrong thoughts – they’re putting out “I don’t want a horrible boyfriend and hey presto, that’s exactly what they get”. You see, instead of envisioning who they want they are thinking completely the opposite and focus on what they don’t want.

I’ve done it myself, particularly in the business I ran with my husband. “Oh, I hate Mondays, I hope we don’t have the customers from hell this Monday”. Sure enough, Monday would be hell with lots of issues and stress. Or I would put out “Please don’t let me feel tired at this trade show or my feet hurt”. Sure enough, my feet would hurt and I’d feel terribly tired! Instead of BELIEVING that I won’t get tired feet or tiredness which is what I should’ve done, I put out to the Universe what I didn’t want.

I was responsible for my own life. If I thought ‘bad’ thoughts and thought that things would turn out badly, they would. If I thought ‘happy’ thoughts and that things would be okay, they generally would be. But of course, I’ve experienced that in my own life. When I’m happy the world is my oyster and I attract all sorts of happiness in, but when I’ve been low things really have gone astray.

So I read that life-changing book and here’s how it helped me turn around my life.

Firstly, I changed the way I thought about well, everything. It may sound ‘childlike’ but I never think anything bad is going to happen to me now. When I did Air B&B in Lymington I never thought for one second that any of the people would be dreadful and ‘wreck my house’ as some people suggested. In fact, quite the opposite, I put out to the Universe that every single person would be ‘lovely’ and guess what? They were. Not only that four of them were “The Secret” followers!”

A few weeks ago I was at Rewind Festival in Henley-on-Thames when I stood in the queue to buy a coffee and bag of crisps, as I approached the stand, the young boy said it was cash only, and as I looked into my purse with only a £1 coin in it, I went to say “sorry I can’t pay you then”. The boy then said “Give me what you’ve got”. Wow, I had just bought a coffee and pack of crisps for just £1! I was then given a free phone charger by the girl on the mobile charging stand. As I stood in another queue an hour later, I told the girl in front of me my story – she turned to me and said, “The Universe has a way of delivering exactly what you want when you want it”! Then the song “Love lifts us up came on the radio and everyone started singing”. It may sound “away with the fairies” but honestly, it was such a special moment!

Even now I can literally manifest anyone I want into my life. For example, today I was thinking about a friend of mine, Cat Swatridge, and suddenly there she was walking in front of me up the hill towards her office in Bournemouth (on a bank holiday Monday!). My friend Helen has turned up at my shop in Highcliffe, without me sending her a text (I simply thought I would love to see Helen now), and my other friend Lisa came to my garden gate without her receiving my text. It was only when she had been and gone that she got the text saying “Fancy coming over for a glass of something cold?” You see, it works for me!

Once you know that your thoughts are things that you can create – whatever you want. BUT, now here’s the thing, and this is very important, you must feel ‘rich’ and you must be ‘grateful’ for what you have now – in other words you must live in abundance. And that means being happy right now with what you have.

On my part, I practice gratitude every day and I truly believe in it. I love my hair, clothes and nose, I’m grateful for my friends, family, where I lived, the rucksack on my back, the birds in the sky, the fresh air, the food on my plate or the squirrel which jumps past my feet (too cute to watch!). I felt gratitude in my past and still do now for every single part of my life without a moan. Once you feel that gratitude you will ONLY attract exactly who and what you want in your life because you are aligned. It’s about raising your vibration, turning your negative thoughts to positive ones – once you do that, in theory things should align and you will start to attract everything you want.

Simply put ‘The Secret’ is ‘The Law of Attraction’ – attract attracts alike – if you’re in a good place you’ll attract good people too.

It’s therefore very important to hang out with people who are positive and only speak positively at all times. We can all pick out the bad in life but perhaps it’s time to change your mindset and you can see only the good. You never know, your life may start to turn around!

Whether you get ‘The Secret’ or it’s not your thing – the truth of the matter is this – the world around us is changing and each generation is becoming more connected with each other and the world around them. If a simple book contains a magic formula that can change your life forever and, in turn, help you to help others turn their life around, then for me, it’s a no brainer.

I’ve read this book many times, I have it on Audible and I listen to it whenever I need a reminder of how the law of attraction works.

The Secret is available from Amazon but you can follow it on Social Media – Instagram @thesecret365, and Twitter @thesecret.

What do you have to lose? It makes me feel comforted that the Universe does have my back!

PS: The Universe? It’s a word used throughout the book when talking about the ‘Law of Attraction’, i.e. if we all believe there is definitely “something out there”, if we’re not sure what that something is, the ‘Universe’ is as good a name as any to indicate “something bigger than us”.

With love,

Tracey B x
Lifestyle Consultant