Many people suffer from loneliness at some point in their lives. From my research even those who appear to have the most fulfilling family lives find themselves feeling “down in the dumps” and feeling lonely at one point or another. There are, in my view, some tried and tested ways to counteract this.


Firstly, get yourself up and out!


Go for a walk, go to the cinema, go the beach, walk around the shops, go to a pub, take a paper or a book and sit and read.  There are many people feeling lonely so you are not alone!! There are many friendship groups and one of the best I have found is – you simply log on, join the groups you like the sound of – and trust me there hundreds to choose from –  from socializing, cinema and reading to walking, and spiritual groups.  Just sign up for the groups that most inspire you and go meet some people just like you!


The really great think about these groups is that there is absolutely no need to feel shy because many people who join these types of  groups are keen to meet new people. What’s more, you will always find a friendly host!


 I myself have been to many events on my own and have ended up chatting all night to individuals who I’d never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.  In fact, in some cases, you may “click” with someone and  form a friendship outside of Meet up. Result!


I am happy to come to a Meet up with you for the first few times so you get your confidence. If you super confident with APPS download the Meet up App. The App allows you to log on whenever you want and find out what is going in your neck of the wood. An instance social life and friendships all in one!


There is no need to feel lonely – lonely is a state of mind. Change your thoughts, think positive and think about ways you can meet new people. People are connecting in ways they never used to and there are hundreds of good people out there just like you wanting to meet people like you!