I have had conversations with two women recently who have broken up with their husbands. Both are devastated. In both cases, the marriages collapsed suddenly without reason, with other parties involved.


It made me think of my own marriage and in both cases, I was able to reassure them that they will get through the dark cloud that seems to loom over them right now.


I know, for sure, that there is a tough time ahead. Unless you are a robot, with no emotion, a breakup is painful but after time, it can be a life-lesson too. I know, for me, it has helped me re-find myself and become the person I was before my marriage. This is no bad thing, as I wasn’t too bad before a controlling marriage left its mark.  I was way more confident and in charge of my own life.


In both cases the ladies I spoke to felt that their lives were out of control. It’s scary, as you are used to making life decisions as a couple, suddenly you are on your own.


My advice to anyone breaking up is find a bit of inner anger. Channel it and use it in the right way. It will give you the strength you need.


Focus on self-care – eat well, exercise, avoid booze, get lots of sleep


Meditate so that you can clear your head to think clearly


Do not make any rash decisions


Play inspirational music by Divas to keep your vibration high!


Hang out with the right people (not people who knew the ex as their advice could be skewed in his favour). Take counsel from those you know well who will give you balanced advice. You don’t need man-haters either, that is not going to help you. You need someone kind and calm, who can guide you through the storm. You need girlfriends who are going to take you out and put a smile on your face.


Finally, make your new house your home. Right now, you need a haven and a place to rest your weary head.


Trust me, once the dark clouds lift, you will start to see a bright new horizon and come to realise you are worth way more than what you were dealt.


With Love