A client and I often chat about what is self-care. I think self-care encompasses every aspect of your life, from the way you speak about yourself and the way you live in your own home.

I wanted to share something with you. There is an amazing song by Elbow called “A Day like this”, it is a beautiful song with beautiful words. I listen to it regularly as it is so beautiful and uplifting. The words say that even if you feel low and you are (in their words) “shaking off a heavy one”, you can open the curtains and the windows and bring in the light and the sunshine.

I regularly work with clients who are struggling in so many ways, but I do notice a common theme. Darkness. blinds down, curtains drawn, windows closed. I often want to open windows and doors and bring in the light, it feels like the natural thing to do. It immediately changes the energy and makes things seem brighter almost instantly. Natural positivity if you like.

  • If you feel a bit ‘blue’ and struggle to get going, here’s a quick ‘fix’ to help you start each day with a bit more brightness –
  • Get out of bed immediately – no hitting that snooze button
  • On waking, open your blinds/curtains (all of them) let that sunlight/light in
  • Open the window to let in some fresh air (in fact I recommend keeping a widow slightly open all night, even in the depths of Winter!) It airs the room
  • Put the kettle on whilst you leap out of bed to have a shower (make it a cold one if you dare)!
  • Sit mindfully with your brew and breakfast and contemplate your day ahead.

Hopefully, having brought in some simple practices, you will feel much more inspired to tackle the day ahead.

Self-care is so important and taking the time to take some ‘time’ is the least you can do to put you onto the right path.


With love