“Reset. Readjust. Restart. Refocus. As many times as you need to. Just don’t quit.” – Unknown

Do you find yourself yearning for a life that you would like to live?

If it’s a yes, then there is no reason why you can’t take the time to re-set, readjust, restart, reboot and refocus on your life.

There is nothing like creating a clean slate and simply starting again.  Vision Boarding is a great way to really home in on what you want from your life. No detail should be left out.  When I create my board, I even have a picture of some sheepskin barstools that I would love to own. Right now, they won’t fit where I live, but heck, where I live now is just temporary. I am seeing the bar stools in a lovely country home, nestled perfectly under the breakfast bar. I have even seen an outside ‘shed’ that can be converted into a bar or a snug. Yes, my board is really that detailed.

Sometimes we can come to a stalemate in our lives. Maybe our relationship is not as we would like it to be, we are not happy with the way we feel in general and maybe our job choice has taken its toll.  We are not sure how to move forward but frankly speaking, this is the time to be brutal.

Letting go, pruning, decluttering and focusing on what you want is never a bad thing. Okay, it’s not always as easy as the words I write here, but if you truly know that things need to change, then now is the perfect to set the wheels in action. You will be glad you did – as with anything that is not working, you simply need to re-boot.

With Love


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