I need a Hide-hide-hide away (part one)

By the time you read this blog I will have been and come back from Wales, the Brecon Beacons to be precise.

I have found myself a hide-way, with a lake and acres of land where I can meditate and rest without Wifi. Just the thought, as I pack up my things today, makes me feel anxious. No Wifi – how on earth can I survive? But of course, I will.

I am going on my own, something I have done on many occasions. I am taking books, lots of books, including books to journal in, as well as Louise Hay’s Mirror Work and Feel the Fear by Susan Jeffers (I never finished it before). I am going to write my book too, the one I have been speaking about for years and years (or so it seems).

I am going to eat clean and rest lots. I am going to switch off my busy brain and give myself a break. I am going to listen to the rain on the window whilst I read a book and I am not putting on any music either.

I share this because I meet so many clients (women in particular) who are so frazzled and all too often, a holiday involves lots of people and even more frenzy.

So, why not go away on your own, take some time out for YOU and take some time out for yourself.

I am not talking anything fancy, sometimes, the best things come in the simplest of packages. Decluttering your mind is as good as decluttering your physical space.

Our lives are so busy these days and with the 18 months we have had a break is the very least we deserve.

With Love