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Tip the Balance of Life/Scales

Can you tip the balance of your life into a positive (even if things don’t feel that good right now)?

Can you switch your thoughts from negative to positive in a drop of a hat?

The answer is a plain yes.

So how do you do that? If you get up in the morning and all you see is more of the same and your first thought is to get back into bed and stay under the duvet until you have the strength to get going, how on earth do you ‘tip the balance?’

What got me through that time in my life was Gratitude’s and Affirmations. The Gratitude’s reminded me there was much to be thankful for, even if it was the roof over my head (that’s a big thank you, isn’t it?) and then the Affirmations. The statements of about who I am (whether I am even there yet). Facts about myself that I asserted as the truth, things like

I am loved

I am worthy

I have something to contribute

I am strong

I feel happy

My life is in perfect order

I walk confidently

I am fit and well

I am healthy

I am successful

I am good mum, daughter, sister, friend

My dog loves me


I cannot tell you how much these two mental health toolkits are essentials in this thing called life. It’s never going to be plain sailing but using these grounding tools each and every day will keep you on track and tip those scales back into Balance.

Balance is the key; a balanced life is a content life.

With Love