As we come out of lockdown you could be looking to your wardrobe for new inspiration for the coming Spring/Summer seasons and with festivals, clubs, restaurants and bars opening up, it’s time to give your wardrobe a spruce up.

Clothing. It cheers us up, make us feel good, and that temporary buzz is, in the words of so many “as good as therapy. But what if that “therapy” has taken over your life and what was ‘fun’ has now turned into a bit of a tragedy?

I, myself, know what it feels like when you have so many clothes you literally cannot see the wood for the trees, or, in this case, the shoes for the blouses.

For many of my clients, this is an overwhelming situation. My job is to encourage my client to stop buying any more clothes and to start decluttering what they have got. I’m not saying “no more clothes”, I am saying, let’s put a halt on it until we have discovered what might be hidden in the wardrobe.

Here are the questions I put to my clients for letting go of clothing that is taking up room and not being worn:

Does it have bobbles/tears/rips or stains?
Does it fit me well/suit me?
Would I buy it again?
Does it make me feel “wow”? This is the biggie. I am very keen on clothes giving you the wow factor you deserve.

Sometimes, in order to move forward, we need to form the right ‘coaching’ questions to get us onto the right track.

With Love