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Too Many Clothes Yet Nothing To Wear? Decluttering Clothes

Too Many clothes yet nothing to wear?

I know that feeling only too well. Maybe it’s time to spend some time decluttering your clothes.

I have a confession to make; a few years ago, I was a clothes shopaholic. I could not stop spending money on lots of stuff, but clothes were my favourite.

Too Many Clothes Yet Nothing To Wear

The thrill of the find, putting them on, the way I felt wearing that new item. All were designed to make me happy, but strangely they never did. I found myself floundering in my wardrobe, unable to see what I had, especially when items had fallen down the back.

Not only that, but the choice was also too large, I could not decide on what to wear so generally went out to buy something else if I were going to a specific event. I just could not be bothered to wade through tightly packed clothing.

But that was then, and this is now. I am a Professional Declutterer and my speciality is decluttering clothes. I have worked with fashion stylists and make-up artists, so I have learned a lot and have an ‘eye’ for what looks good and that is why, today, I have a small wardrobe of clothing compared to many, but I never struggle when it comes to dressing. I simply fling open the doors, select whether it’s a dress or skirt/bottoms day and take it from there. Everything matches so it is so easy to dress now.

And here is how I got to this point –

1) Firstly, I got my colours and style done. Now I know what suits and what doesn’t so I don’t buy the wrong things
2) Everything fits me perfectly – not too small not too big
3) Everything makes me feel great, I feel a million dollars
4) I buy good materials that last
5) And because my wardrobe is full of wonderful clothes I don’t see every day as a shopping day and in fact, clothes shopping no longer appeals which means I don’t waste money on clothes that I don’t really like or need.

Too Many Clothes Yet Nothing To Wear?

Here are my tips for Decluttering clothes. If you want to make your life easier and dress to impress every day of the week. Here’s what you do –

  1. Take everything out of your wardrobe
  2. Put like with like – trousers with trousers, tops with tops etc
  3. Look at your blank canvas wardrobe and focus, on what you truly want in there. I love it when the wardrobe is empty, it’s like starting again
  4. Only chose the items you love, that fit you, that make you feel good (not sure…try them on)
  5. Donate 50% to charity and the rest you can sell on Vinted or similar (make sure you are honest with yourself as to whether you will do this, often jobs put to one side get overlooked in our busy lives, if you think you don’t have the time it can all go to charity)
  6. Put to one side your high summer items (or winter if you are reading this blog in summer) and pack them away until next year, this will make your wardrobe more compact and easier for you to see. After all, there is no point wading through summer dresses when you are searching for your Christmas jumper is there?

Decluttering clothes is rewarding. Our lives are stressful enough without the chore of deciding what to wear. Get in contact with us to find out more! Find out what our customers say about us on our Google Review page.

You can look great every day with a decluttered wardrobe, so get decluttering your clothes today!

With Love