Yikes!  We have too much stuff. We have turned into mass consumers of stuff. We buy things to fulfil our lives, as opposed to buying experiences.


We have become so wrapped up in spending, we have lost sight of what truly constitutes happy.


I truly believe that there is a Revolution brewing and it’s called Minimalism. It sounds extreme but more and more people are stripping back, letting go, decluttering memories and things to move into the future.  They are coming to realise that this stuff is just holding them back and not giving them the joy we all seek.  People are buying camper vans!


Two years of isolation, for some, has meant the online store we all love to hate has grown very wealthy. Not only that, but their cardboard packaging is also filling car boots as people visit their local recycling centre to do a tip run.


In the 40’s/50’s we had little, and we were content, now, in the Naughties we are caught up in a spending frenzy which has seen us spend beyond our means. The trill of the spend is only a true thrill if the cost of the spend can be comfortably met.


For many of us, overspending can cause family rifts, anxiety and stress as we struggle to meet the minimum on our cards. I know what that feels like that used to be me.


Even in the last few weeks I have come to realise more than ever, that we don’t need as much stuff as we think and that we only need beautiful things or functional things and nothing else.


Decluttering is not a fad, it is a ‘movement’ gathering momentum as people come to realise that having too much is never enough.


It’s time to let go.  Enough is enough.


With Love