As a professional declutterer, I always feel I need to lead by example, so I set about decluttering my wardrobe a few months ago.  In fact, it’s something I do on a regular basis.

In this blog I share my top 10 tips on how to declutter your wardrobe easily and effectively –

  • Remove everything from the wardrobe
  • Put everything into piles, firstly separating Spring/Summer and Winter/Autumn. Also, you can put things into item piles, i.e jeans, t-shirts etc so you can see what you really have. Figure out in your mind if you really need those 100 pairs of knickers!
  • Be honest with yourself, do not keep anything that makes you shudder every time you go to try it on; it really is time to let it go
  • Do not keep items that no longer suit or fit you. If you are dieting, now is the time to pin your flag to the wall and admit what size you want to be, or more realistically, what size works best for you
  • Anything that does not need to be hung can be placed in chest of drawers
  • Scarves can be rolled up and neatly placed in your dresser
  • Belts can be rolled up and also placed neatly in your dresser
  • Handbags can be stacked neatly at the top of your wardrobe or hung from hooks which you can put into your wardrobe
  • When you put things back put them in garment order and colour order, it will make dressing so much easier
  • Do up all buttons and zips, to keep the style of your clothing good and if you want things to look really good, hangers all the same way!

And remember the cardinal rule, only keep items you LOVE and that make you feel oh so gorgeous!

With love

Tracey B x

Helping you find inner harmony through decluttering