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Top 5 Decluttering Books

There are so many books to choose from now on the market but I’m all about making your home ‘work’ for you.

Working from a book is great, but it needs to make sense and be easy to understand and it needs to be achievable.  After all, if you buy a book that gives you inspiration but none of the real-life facts and “how to get to where you want to be”, then it’s just another book to add to your library.

These are my favourite 5 decluttering books –


Simply Spaced – Clear the Clutter and Style your Life

By Monica Leed

This book is clear, concise and very stylish and inspirational


New Minamlism by Cary Telander Fortin & Kyle Louuise Quilici

This books explore the reasons why you are attached to your clutter and then helps you use that knowledge to let go


Simply Clean by Becky Rapinchuk

Simply Clean is an easy to read and easy to work with book on how with just 10 minutes of scrubbing a day your home will fresh and smart.


Outer Order, Inner Calm by Gretchen Rubin

This is my go to guru when it comes to decluttering as she talks as I do, about having a tidy space which helps you feel in greater control of your life and therefore, an inner calm too. I believe that by creating space and getting rid of things that don’t suit you, don’t fit you, or don’t work for you, you give yourself a chance to breathe. There are over 120 ideas to help you declutter


A year of No Clutter by Eve O Schaub

This is a personal account of a room transformed from, in her own words, a “Hell hole” into a liveable space. As someone who had a problem letting go, her story depicts the struggles some have with letting go of possessions.


All of these books can be purchased as hard back, Kindle or in some cases via Audible.

Enjoy, I certainly do!

With love,


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