Let’s face it, Ladies, when we get to a certain age, heels may well be a thing of the past, boy do we hate to admit it, but admit it we have to. I know that I have the most amazing high heels hidden in a drawer but in my deepest heart of hearts, I know that the days of wearing them are long gone. I simply cannot walk in a way that looks attractive, no one wants to see a middle-aged woman trying desperately to stay upright, especially after a few G&Ts.

SO, there is great news out there. Trainers! Yes, trainers…now I don’t mean those horrid dull sports ones that we all know about – the ones that stack the shelves of the sports shops. Oh no, I am talking about the gold, the silver, the sparkly the trendy and the ever so “in” trainers that now litter the shops out there.

I started wearing trendy trainers a few years ago – I discovered ASH probably about six years ago. ASH is an expensive brand, that is true, but boy they have they set the bar high for trainers. In fact, I truly believe that their styling has created the other, more affordable, trainers you will now see on the market. Be aware though, ASH trainers are narrow so good if you have narrow feet, but if you do not, then you might want to check out other brands.

My personal favourites are the brand CRIME LONDON which you can buy directly from overseas; do not buy them in this country as you will save lots of money buying them overseas. They are based on ASH but seem wider in their fit which is better for me as I have a wide foot. Another brand which you can pick up from the lovely Southbourne Shop “Sugar Mango” is WODEN, a cool Danish brand. They are so different, comfortable (with a cork inner sole), and bang on trend with lots of sparkles. Yah!

I have recently picked up lovely trainers from Zara. They were only £19.99 and what I like about them is that they have a true platform heel which makes you feel a bit sexier.

Whichever way you wear them, wear them with sass and style! Trainers look great with dresses, particularly knee length and shorter ones, but also with skirts and of course jeans, however, I normally try to avoid the “jeans/trainers” look and choose instead a pretty dress and then stick a pair of trainers on the end of my feet. Trust me, it looks great! As you can see, I have a little selection of trainers, lots with some sparkle, but please don’t judge me, I am no Craig David in the making…Lol.

Happy feet, happy dancing, keep balance in your life!


Tracey B xx