Over the centuries women have fought hard to hold back the hands of time. Even in Queen Elizabeth’s day coal was used as mascara and mouse fur was used on those with sparse eyebrows. The skin was bleached and powdered white and beauty spots applied.

Victorian women would wear their hair in a tight bun to pull the skin tight on the face. A sort of facelift if you liked.

Back in the Hollywood days, women would go the beautiful resort of Palm Springs to have phenol peels and a face lift.

Since the early 2000’s the U.K. has seen a massive increase in the way we view aesthetics. Women and men now have a plethora of treatments to choose from and many of them can be done easily and relatively painlessly via an aesthetic doctor or nurse, dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Personally, I am a fan of going to the top so find the best aesthetic doctor/nurse you can. Check their credentials and their experience. Sites like www.consultingroom.com are ideal for sorting the wheat from the chaff. Take your time, do some research before diving in.

Having worked in the industry for over twelve years I have been lucky enough to make the right kind of contacts so I can choose the right person to do my procedures.

When the trials and tribulations of life start to manifest on your face, there is no shame in finding solutions to suit you.

Over the years I have had many procedures to keep my face as young as it can be. Since my early twenties, my eyes always showed what was going on inside. Often people would say “you look tired Tracey” my eyes looking puffy.

So in August of 2017 I decided to take the bull by the hands and have a lower blepharoplasty under general. It is an hour procedure. You come out looking like the love child of a Panda and Beetlejuice but the results will be with it.

Photos are available on r request Roger with details of the surgeon who has an awesome reputation for being the master of eyes.

Creating a newer, fresher, version of you is exactly what the doctor ordered.

With love
Tracey B