An understatement I know; but what a funny year. We never saw this one coming did we?  Or did we…..(I use the collective we here)!


Some astrologers, spiritual mentors and psychics said yes, they did see it coming. They have long talked about a Collective Awakening and a shift of consciousness. 2020 was always destined to be a bit different.   There is talk that this was predicted through many timelines.


I am no psychic myself but in 2019 I wrote a blog mid-year about changes coming. I was talking about the shift of awareness of mental health and how important it was to understand that mental health was in line with physical health, one cannot work without the other! I could see that nothing could stay as it was.  My own journey with this started in 2010 when I read The Secret, a book that was to change my life (for the better).


This year has challenged the mental health of the most ‘sorted’ person and if job losses and health issues have ensued, the repercussions could last for some time. Not only that, the risk from domestic abuse either physical or mental, for many, has been immense.   For others, who have struggled with their mental health since a child; it’s been a challenge to remain ‘in the moment’, battling the challenge of the noise on the mainstream media and, indeed, social media, combined with the battle of feeling out of control.  A feeling that very few actually like, if truth be told.


Each of us has fought our own battle in handling this year, the very best way we can.  Those speaking out differently and speaking their truth as they see it, has created discord when we should, at this time, be closer together as a human race, not further apart.


For me, personally, this year has shown the importance of aligning with the right people who support you and with whom you can truly be yourself; even if you have a difference of opinion. In my years on this earth I have hung out with people whose views I do not always share, that does not mean that we aren’t the best of friends. We simply agree to disagree and that is the way it should be.


However, as I reflect on my business of decluttering lives, I feel that this year, more than any other, has been a year to let go, refresh, recharge and reflect with a renewed vigour for what the New Year brings. 2020 was always destined to be a year of shedding; I hope that 2021 will help many realise that letting go is so liberating.


My decluttered life, free of the mental chains that previously held me back, has led me to the path of clarity, a clarity that I have never felt before, along with a sense of inner calm.   I have learned to appreciate, even more than I did, the most important things in life, my health which I work hard on, my friends, my mum, my fitness both physical and mental, my gratitude for where I live and where I am in my life.


Gratitude truly has, in this instance, been the ONLY attitude, even if some days you struggle to find anything to be grateful for.  


Whatever your view, we will always reflect on this year and what we learned from it.


I send you my love and I wish you the happiest of Christ-masses, decorate your tree with the brightest of lights, watch Elf over and over, dance and sing and shine bright like the diamond you are.   Together we will get though this.



With love




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