Why You Need A Professional Organiser

Our society is in overwhelm. We feel more out of control than we have ever done. Work, life, family, relationships, the media, money worries, mental health; all play their part in helping us feel out of control. We are a buy one get one free society, we stock-pile, we hoard, we keep hold of the old, as it makes us feel safe. In reality, all it is doing, is holding us back. We watch the news over and over and it fills us with anxiety and fear. So what is a professional organiser and why do you need one?

Well, what we need to be doing, is letting go, to make way for the new.  How can you possibly create a new life, when you are holding onto the old and living in the past. In the words of the ancient Buddhists, living a life in the past keeps you in sadness, living a life in the future, fills you with fear, living in the now, fills you with inner peace and yes, makes you happy!

As a professional organiser and declutterer, I can help you to clear your space, let go of things that hold you back and find you room to expand and grow into your new life.

I can create systems and bring order to chaos.  I can find value in things that you may think are valueless and sell them through for you.  

I can help to bring calm where there was once overwhelm.

I can see your situation with an outsider’s eye and help you with empathy and kindness to let go of things that no longer serve you.

A Professional Organiser can help you find solutions where you thought there were none.

For some of you, letting go is tricky, a Professional Organiser can help you make the right decisions for you and with you, so that you can feel lighter and more easily able to handle what life throws at you.

Let’s Organise and Declutter Your Life Together

Check out my testimonials on www.thelifestylconcept.co.uk and ask me how as a professional organiser I can help to declutter your life and help you move forward in 2020. Get in touch, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

With love,

Tracey B x
Lifestyle Consultant