So, What Is Happiness Exactly?

A question I get asked a lot, is “What is happiness” and should it really be a pursuit?

In the last five years I have done a huge amount of personal development work on myself and to better understand this thing called “life” and us human beings living together on this planet earth.

Until my late 40s I was constantly looking for “happiness”.  I remember being fourteen years old and I could not wait to be twenty-one, carefree and free of any control.  A grown up, in my mind, and therefore I would be happy.  But when I hit that age, I realised that it was just another age and it was not the magic formula of ‘happiness’ that I was looking for.  Every career move brought more stress, it never made me happy.  Why was happiness eluding me?  Were we not meant to be happy?

In 2015 I went to see Derren Brown, Derren featured a large ticking clock, the clock that promised “Happiness”, but which suddenly stopped once you realised that you had “retired”, but even that did not make you happy; the realisation that you had set it as #destinationhappy when in fact it was already accessible if only you knew. Happiness was already within you, but you did not know it. 

So how can you be happy?  Is there a magic formula?  Well, yes, there is, but maybe not in the way you previously thought which might bring you this heady state into your life?

One of our cardinal sins is to forget to live in the moment, to embrace every day like it’s the best day of our lives, and to appreciate everything that life has to offer us, for that day. There is always something to be grateful for every day.  

I have more to write on this subject so follow onto my next Blog how to be happy Part 2!

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