I’m a big fan of being happy. It really is a great way to be!  Okay, you can’t be happy all the time but if you are anything like me, I used to bounce off the walls like Tigger, only to hit rock bottom like Eeyore on a regular basis. It was exhausting.

In 2014 I decided to put an end to this yo-yo/see-saw type of life. I decided to declutter every element of my life to find that elusive happy vibe that I knew was deep within me.

I’m glad to say I found it, so here, I share with you my top tips, 5 at a time to help you reach a happier place in your life all with a nod to decluttering every element of your life.

For me, clutter has always been a big ‘no-no’. I literally cannot bear it. It makes my already very busy brain be even more busy and that’s not a good thing. I need to be able to think clearly.

As a child I would declutter my room constantly. It gave me a sense of calm like no other.


Here are my top five tips on how to declutter your make up drawer


  • Get rid of any manky lipsticks, the ones that have been hanging around for ages. Also remove any lipsticks that just don’t suit. We’ve all got those haven’t we? The ones that a make-up counter assistant persuaded you, that it suited you!  Let it be gone!
  • Books – books are one of the biggest loves of my life. I like the way they look and smell however I keep them streamlined. I always remove any fiction and only keep reference books. And if I have a particular reference book on my phone (via Audible or any other streaming site) then it’s time to pass to someone else. I find Audible a great way to learn.
  • Toiletries – if, like me, you are someone who loves a beauty product, then you, like me, will find your bathroom full of products you have either never used, never will use or frankly you’re thinking what on earth does it actually do? So, like your make up, let it be gone. Pass to a friend, a daughter, a cousin or a sister…anyone….If you’re not going to use it then pass to someone who will or simply ditch it
  • Underwear – golden rule. If you were knocked over tomorrow and a handsome paramedic was standing over you about to take you to hospital, would your mind go, in fear, to worrying about your grey knickers? If so, why on earth do you have them in your drawer? Let them be gone. Anything grey, sort of grey, faded, ripped, tatty or anything resembling that, does not need to be in your underwear drawer. Make everything pretty, bright, lacy, colourful and yes, damn sexy too!  Why not, whatever age you are, sexy can still be comfortable.
  • Jewellery – I used to have a bucket load of jewellery, most of which was never worn. Now it’s streamlined and organised. I wear everything I have and everything I have suits me and makes me feel good. I have a golden rule when it comes to necklaces, never wear anything around your neck that makes you feel strangulated or weighed down.  Give to charity shops, sell on Marketplace or similar. Personally, the fashion for heavy overly ornate jewellery is over. We are starting to wear more ‘minimalist’ which means stylish, small and sweet looking.


I hope these handy tips will help you get started when it comes to decluttering specific areas of our home.

More to follow.


With love


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