Since I was a little girl, I felt that music fed my mind, my body and my soul.

I joined a Barbershop choir at the age of 18 – the lead singer said I was an old soul. I did not know what he meant but I kind of liked it.

In truth, music means the world to me. When people mention Netflix I actually scratch my head in confusion. I do not even watch TV anymore; I watch non-mainstream media like LiveWire and Unherd to get the ‘real’ facts of what is happening right now, and I listen to music.   Mostly dance music but often I will throw in a curve ball and groove to a bit of Harry Connick Junior or listen to folk singers like Fraser Anderson who I was lucky to meet at a Landmark Forum a few years ago.

But the other day, I heard a blast from the past, a song that took me right back to being 11 years of age, a song that I truly love.

The song? Well, it is that classic by Andrew Gold “Never let her slip away.”  The reason I love this song is not only the tune, but the story behind it. I had a friend, Gillian, when I was at school.  She had an older sister, who, from time to time, rebelled against her parents. One night, she was sent to her room for some misdemeanour and told to stay up there. She decided to obey and took to her room. However, in her obeyance, she had a plan up her sleeve. She locked herself into her bedroom and put on the record “Never let her slip away” very loudly.  She played it over and over and over, it could be heard up and down the very provincial suburban neighbourhood. It absolutely cracked me up. Her parents could do nothing about it, and she in her own way ‘won’ as it really wasn’t the done thing to play your music loudly in a quiet area.

So, like me, do you have a song that you not only love, but which puts a smile on your face and takes you back to your childhood?


With love


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