I think, like everyone, we have all had to re-think our lives during ‘lockdown’ and in most cases, that has meant questioning “How am I going to get through this?”


It’s a question I thought about the other day. You see, I’ve been relatively calm (only one hour of crying which took me unexpectedly on the beach a few weeks back). Apart from that I have felt well, not anxious, not fearful, just incredibly serene.


So, with that all said, what on earth have been my ‘saviours?’


I can answer that without a word of hesitation or doubt. Exercise, music, dancing, living in the moment, Louise Hay quotes and focusing on my business and getting all those things done which were on my “To Do List.”


More than anything I think exercise has helped me get through ‘this’. I have joined two programmes, one with a Personal Trainer locally and one with a Personal Trainer in Wales. Both have classes (via Zoom) every day and that has kept me on focus. Those classes, I have combined with one hour of brisk walking (minimum). I have come to realise, more than anything, it’s key to my mental and physical wellbeing. It literally declutters my mind and indeed, my body, as I feel lighter and therefore brighter.


Throw in a bit of ‘dancing’ on a Friday night following a group of DJs and some disco lights and you have a winning formula to fight off the ‘Covid19’ blues.  In fact, this is a winning formula for life not just for Covid. 


Anything can be decluttered, even your physical and therefore, your mental health.


I decluttered mine in 2014 and I’m better for it. I am happier than I have ever been which makes me a better person and a better friend.


With Love



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