It is said that filling your house with hearts, brings in love. In 2014 I did just that, I was obsessed with hearts, even buying heart shaped spoons to fill the void in my life! If it had a heart on it, it got purchased.

Quite often, ‘clutter’ comes from the inside. In my case, I was trying to fill my house with love in order to invigorate my marriage. It didn’t work; but heck, it was worth a try.

This is no sob story; it is a story of sharing as often the clutter we think is ‘homebuilding’ is often a reflection of the clutter in our minds. I could not think straight and buying more ‘stuff’ made everything feel okay (for a moment anyway).

In my case, I know now, that loving yourself is more important than a heart shaped anything and once you have nailed that, you realise that ‘physical clutter’ is no longer required.


With love