Do you struggle to know when enough is enough? Without asking this question of yourself, we blindly pursue excess but to what end?


It’s a common enough problem. I see it all the time and for a period, I suffered with ‘I don’t have enough stuff’ syndrome too.  I simply kept on spending to fill the hole in my heart.  I would tell myself that ‘just one more purchase’ and ‘one more thing’ would fix everything and that would be that. I was totally suckered in with the marketing campaigns and would jump on every ‘must have’ I was being told I should have.  I would look at magazines and every time I saw something I thought I should have, it would be purchased, oblivious of any financial shortfall I might have. I would even convince myself that ‘I was worth it and certainly deserved it’, I gave myself a reason why I should, never a reason why I shouldn’t.


Of course, enough is different for each of us. Some can get by with a bare minimum, a table, a TV, a dining table, a chair. But of course, the bigger the home the more ‘stuff’ is required.  Maybe a six-seater dining table, beds in each room, lamps, rugs, the list is endlessly exhausting and let’s not even get started on the garden space, plants, trampolines, garden furniture. Just writing this list exhausts me.


The truth is, once the list of must have’s is fulfilled, do you have the strength to STOP and only buy what you need from now on in, things like food, essentials and ‘experiences?


Enough changes over time, yesterday’s enough may be too much for today. I know when I downsized from a three bedroomed house to a two bedroomed apartment, I had too much and had to let it go.  It was at that point that I realized that letting go was liberating and having ‘just enough’ was more fulfilling than I could ever realise.


In the words of my American favourites, The Minamalists –


“Less than enough is depriving, more than enough is indulging.”


As I always say it’s about Balance.


With Love