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Whoever Said Life Was Simple?

No one.

It’s how you handle the knock-backs that helps you grow and become stronger.

Often in life, we encounter situations that floor us. We often wonder if we will ever recover but, in most cases, we do, because we keep on going. What is the alternative?

If we consider those trips and falls of life to be part of the experience then we can learn to grow from everything that has happened to us, the good and the bad.

I know when I have looked back at my life, often cringing at all the mistakes I made, I know that I am wiser for them and in most cases, those mistakes will never ever happen again.  If they do, then I obviously have not learned my lessons.  I recall freaking out at life events, falling into despair often in a fear state for no apparent reason. It was a roller coaster of a life and not one I would encourage my readers to emulate.

I no longer make mistakes, I make ‘life lessons’. If something goes squishy, I ask myself “What have I learned from that?”

There is no easy route in life and most lives come with some pitfalls, they are there to remind us to get back up and carry on.

Forgive yourself. Stop beating yourself up and smile gently at all the life lessons you have learned from. Start to declutter the internal as you start to declutter the external.  The two are not mutually exclusive.

With love