Why can’t we let go of ‘stuff’?  Why do we need stuff? Why do we feel the need to buy lots of stuff and have that ‘stuff’ fill up our homes?


Okay, that’s a lot of use of the word ‘stuff’ but I am trying to make a point.


I am not including valuable jewellery and heirlooms; they are in a different category. I am talking day to day knick-knacks that we pick up alongside items to furnish our homes.


We come to this earth with nothing and we leave with nothing. We tend to gather lots of things in between the beginning and the end.  Lots of things we gather bring us joy, maybe a beautiful piece of jewellery, a gorgeous dress that evokes happy memories, a stunning new phone, that gorgeous coffee maker. All these things are fine and if they make you happy; then go for it.


I like these things too but what I am saying here, is how many of these things do we need before our home is ‘full’ and once the home is full how do we simply ‘let go’?


The previous generations never let go of anything, every item was valuable and indeed, most items stood the test of time. But we have become a disposable society now and it’s easier to replace what is broken, scratched or past its sell-by date.


Sell by date. That’s a great phrase, because in reality, unless something was mega expensive and is entirely collectable to begin with, I am sorry to say that most ‘stuff’ is valueless when you come to try and sell it. I say this from experience, not from any malice or wishing to deflate anyone’s balloon.


That is why, when you start the decluttering process, you need to look within your heart and mind and consider your stuff as something that can be recycled, passed to charity for someone who will love it all over again or simply to discard.  Spending hours on Ebay is time-consuming and relatively disappointing. Something that you valued and believe you could get a good return on will rarely reach the heady heights that you paid for it.


Letting go is one of the most liberating and rewarding gifts you can give to yourself.  In these irksome times, more than ever, it is time to let go, feel free, breathe and find that calm space you need to contemplate what comes next?



With love



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