I have written a lot about the benefits of personal development. I still stand by what I have said before. I thoroughly and totally recommend it.


It has made me better than I was before, understanding of how I react/interact with others and I have become more sensitive to other’s feelings. Of course, you still need to be you but developing yourself is a grand step to having a better life.


Here’s my favourite learnings –


Gratitude is always the best attitude

Acknowledge the fear you feel and act anyway

Be straight in your communication and take what comes your way

Do not make others wrong, so you can be right

Be impeccable with your word

Do not make assumptions

Always do your best

Stop the monkey chatter


But my favourite is that we are all connected. Oblivious of your spiritual beliefs or not, you cannot, not accept, that your reaction to a person/an issue/an event, has a ripple effect so acting in a certain, more enlightened, manner will certainly create a smoother life.


I am not sure about what you are looking for, but a smoother, calmer life, is something I have always craved.


With Love


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