Have you ever said something and then felt foolish? Maybe the people around you have rolled their eyes or not given your views and thoughts the credence you were expecting?


I think we have all had that and maybe that experience has left us feeling silly, undervalued and not listened to.    It’s called “Not speaking your truth”.  What that means is that what you believe to be true, is not being spoken out for fear of upsetting others or simply being ignored.


As a manifest of this, you could find yourself with throat issues which play out in your life as vocal nodules or similar or a persistent cough.


Mentally it can cause disease as you shrink within yourself frightened to speak out for fear of ridicule.


In truth, no-one is an expert, and everyone is an expert. You are an expert in what you believe, and you are an expert in being ‘you’.


As you will know, if you have read my blogs before, I am a massive fan of personal development or, self-discovery, which I prefer to call it.


My books have become my ‘new normal’ and I devour them like my favourite breakfast cereal. My latest best read is Jordan B Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life. One of those ‘rules’ is to “speak your truth”. This article from Psychcentral shares an interesting perspective of why it is important to speak you truth whilst still maintaining social relationships and friendships. After all, if your truth may offend someone, then it might be best to keep quiet.




However, I support those who speak their mind, those who are not afraid to speak out, often against the ‘norm’ and to show bravery by frankly not caring what others think.


I deeply benefited from attending the Landmark forum who encourage you to not care what others think and to speak your mind.


One of the biggest breakdowns in society, in my view, is the inability to communicate effectively with each other, due to the simple fact that we don’t want to seem ‘different’, ‘odd’, ‘outspoken’ or to cause a fuss’.


I personally think that those days of holding the true you back are a misjustice to you and those around you. After all, someone out there might actually want to be hear what you have to say!


With love



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