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Will you get back to shopping in the usual way?

I have long been a fan of shopping, in fact, as a little girl, it was my ‘go to.’ As I’ve aged, I have considered a wander through shops a lovely way to ‘unwind’ and to come home, laden down with bags, has made me feel quite happy. I admit it.


Even during Lockdown, I have ordered items in ‘time’ for Summer. Even though I believe in living in the moment, in times like these, you have to have one eye firmly on the future too and I can’t wait for a cracking Summer.


I have mused whether I would ever go back to my shopping ways? I truth, I know that I only have a finite amount of space, so I like to think that ‘shopping’ will be reigned in, whilst still supporting the high street.


Shopping has its place but maybe I have found a new love for the beach, nature and my surroundings and perhaps an afternoon walk, or a Kettle bell swing set will ‘fill’ the shopping ‘craving’ that I still get when I need a pick me up.


In other words, I have found peace and solace from simpler pursuits.


With love,



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