I’m off to see the Wizard the Wonderful Wizard of Oz….


Do you remember that film? I know I do. I loved the story behind it and could resonate with the characters. They all felt ‘less than’ and felt that a wonderful Wizard (who they had never met) would be able to solve everything for them.


I wrote a blog about the story two years ago so it’s interesting to see how many references there are to the Wizard of Oz are now around, even in insurance adverts but also referred to by life coaches I have encountered at networking groups!  Serendipity or what or foresight? You decide….


In 2014, the year when everything went wrong but terribly ‘right’ at the same time, I reached out to numerous people to ‘fix me’. Every week, I would sign up to another course, another conference, another card reading, another NLP session, more CBT, you name it, I did it. I was desperate to be fixed and did not the ability to fix myself.  All those people put me on the road to where I am now.


But here’s a thing. I still like the Wizard of Oz analogy. Quite often, in life, we do not believe we have the tools to fix ourselves so we reach out to others, someone who can throw us a lifeline. If you find the right person then you are in luck but in truth, anyone you find can only do so much. In truth, it is YOU who needs to fix you and that comes in two parts by a) recognising you need fixing and b) working with the right person/specialist to put you on the right track.


In my own life, in later years, I have looked to courses to ‘learn’ something else, only to find, on attending the course that I already had the knowledge; I just needed reminding!


In the case of the Wizard of Oz all the characters, they all had the skills they needed and really did not need a certificate to prove it.


The point of this blog is to guide you to seeing you already have the solutions, you only need to click your heels just like Dorothy did, to find yourself back in the room and in charge of your own destiny.



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