Over the last year I cannot but notice the plethora of online coaches and courses, helping you to move forward and ‘cope’ with the situation we have found ourselves in. I am all for personal development and have done a lot myself, but I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough in the last year. A breakthrough so monumental that I now feel incredibly calm and in control (unlike the majority of my life).

A year ago, I was given a book entitled “There is nothing wrong with you.” I smiled when my nutritionist gave it to me. Of course, the book summed up what we all need to embrace more fully. There is nothing wrong with YOU or me, for that matter.

Having spent the best part of my life, thinking “something was up” it was quite a relief. Personal development is very well and good but if you don’t keep it under check, it can take over your life.

I work with a lot of people who are constantly on ‘courses’ and often I ask them if they are benefiting from the courses? Often these clients are in overwhelm, flitting from one thing to another.

In truth, your brain can reach saturation point and it shows true grit and testimony to how much you have grown if you are able to say “enough is enough.” I am, at long last, okay with who I am.

Of course, we are all learning each and every day, but more often than not now, I am learning from my clients and the people I surround myself with, who are, in most cases, the wisest teachers I know.

With love