“Remember that the future is not somewhere we are going, it is something we are creating. Every day we do things that make some futures more probable and others less likely.” – Ian Lowe, President of the Australian Conservation Foundation-Scientist

Every day on this earth we are creating our future. A wrong turn on a Monday can lead to a different path for the rest of the week/month/year or even your life. We truly have our futures in the palm of our hands, and everything is fluid.

The situation we find ourselves in right now shows how easily our lives can change, almost on a sixpence.  Everything that went before has changed almost overnight and most live in fear for the future.

What is interesting is that many now see their lives as more flexible and that, in turn, gives you a world of opportunities.  Opportunities that previously may not have existed in your imagination. I know of a friend who is considering moving to Canada and another who is re-evaluating their entire life and their career.  I have other friends who are considering getting into a serious relationship, as opposed to the casual dating of their previous life.  It’s amazing how a difficult situation can be turned into a positive.

Once you expand your mine and stop ruling out the ‘impossible’ turning it into ‘possible’, the world is suddenly your oyster.   Life is a massive unknown and your ability to create the future of your dreams is literally, in the palm of your own hands. Your future is brighter and more vibrant than you could ever imagine. You just need to imagine….


With love


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