Linda’s Home Declutter

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My client contacted me as she wanted a more decluttered home. She was rather overwhelmed with the amount of books and paperwork she had accrued but also with the fact that she could not find everything so easily.
I was able to spend a few Saturdays with her, where we discussed her needs and in turn, as I got to know her, I understand what her immediate needs were, not what I believed her needs were.  She needed to have some semblance of order and that is what I was able to do. I even put up some pictures that had been sat on the floor for a while, hence brightening up the home and giving her a sense of calm. A calm that she has been able to maintain.
We still stay in touch, as I do with a lot of my clients, just so that she knows I’m always there for her.

If you would like a less cluttered home get in touch to have a chat about how I could help.

Beth is one of those special people who genuinely loves to help others.  Ever since I was lucky enough to find Beth to discuss clearing space and organising my home I was met with a down to earth lady of genuine warmth, care and positive energy.

From the start Beth has gone above and beyond to help me reach the goals aimed for.  My home has now become an organised and much brighter place with a lovely sense of spaciousness!

It is great too know that someone like Beth, with her diverse skills and genuinely caring ways is out there.  I feel blessed.

Linda-Jane – Bournemouth, Dorset